The mission of Model Higher Secondary School is to develop and ensure personal and intellectual excellence towards productive careers, meaningful lives and responsible citizenship.
    • To mould the minds of students.
    • To cultivate a balanced development of values, skills and knowledge in every learner.
    • To inculcate in the minds of the students the importance of academic excellence and a thirst for higher learning.

    About our School

    The Model Higher Secondary School is the second oldest school in Mokokchung Town. It began as a Kindergarden School in 1970. The School is owned by the NCRC Mokokchung Town and is managed by a board appointed by the Church.

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    Latest Articles

    Articles contributed by the school faculty, students and alumni.

    A Letter To My Students

    One day, during my college days, a teacher told me that judging by my answer scripts, I don't study. He also said that...

    Category: School Articles

    A Haven For Hope

    Model Higher Secondary School (MHSS) stands as one of the oldest schools in town, almost as a landmark. Over the years...

    Category: School Articles

    A Reminiscence

    It was on the 14th of November 2020, I got a call from an unknown number who happened to be my former student Mr. Akok...

    Category: School Articles

    In Retrospect

    As one grows older, the tendency to look back grows stronger. As I take a stroll down the memory lane, I vividly...

    Category: School Articles

    Mentor/Mentee Programme

    In the relationship programme every student is assigned a teacher as his/her mentor who will guide the students in academic and other related matters. Students are to meet their mentors frequently to enable their mentors to help them.

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