Rules and Regulations

    1. Punctuality and regularity is a must. Students should arrive at the school before send bell.
    2. 90% of attendance is required for each and every student and leave of absence should be submitted on the day the pupil reports to the school.
    3. Every student must carry his/her School Diary book and Identity Card to school everyday.
    4. All the boys should have to cut their hair properly. Gel and hair wax are not allowed.
    5. All the students should come to the school with proper uniform - neat and tidy.
    6. No student is allowed to bring any electronics gadgets within the school campus.
    7. All the girls should tie their hair properly with red hair rubber band.
    8. Skirts should be within knee length.
    9. No makeup.
    10. Intoxicating and abusive substance is not allowed inside the school campus.
    11. School properties should be handled with care at all times.

    • If any student found/caught violating the rules and regulation mentioned above will be punished depending on the nature of the offence.
    • If caught the second time he/she will be imposed a fine which will be decided by the Discipline Committee.
    • If caught for the third time he/she will be expelled from the school for 1 week and will be allowed to continue only after paying a fine of ₹ 2000.
    • If caught for the fourth time he/she will be given direct T.C.

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