School Co-curricular Activities and Facilities

    Apart from pursuing academic excellence and as a part of general education, the school introduce co-curricular activities such as Eco Club, Legal Literacy Club, Expression Committee etc. to acquaint the students with certain competences such as problem solving, communication skills, collaborative learning, team work etc. One of the most important objectives of the school is to bring about a change in the mindset of the students, who will strive hard to achieve their potential and become a vibrant and motivated breed of citizens.

    With the view to encourage and cultivate a healthy competitive spirit, the school is divided into four sub-units and each student is allocated to one of the four houses, viz. Blue, Green, Red and Yellow Houses. Throughout the year the Houses compete with one another in sports, literature and music.

    The Sports Meet is held annually and is coordinated by the school sports committee. Both outdoor and indoor games are played among the houses, such as Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Futsal and Tug of War.

    The school also observes a Literary and Art Day to provide a platform for students to showcase their talents. Some of the activities held in the school are singing competitions in different categories, spelling bee, poem recitation, debates, extempore speech, drama, colouring and art.

    World Environment Day is also observed in the school. On this day the school's Eco-Club organizes various activities to create awareness of the importance of conserving natural resources and thereby create a clean and green consciousness among the students.

    Expression Day is another much awaited event held in the school. A fun filled day where both the teachers and students come together and showcase their talents

    Guidance and Counselling Crusade is an important tow-day event in the school. This event is held in fulfilment of the vision of the school - to inculcate Christian values.

    The school is proud to tbe the first to introduce the sport Cricket in Mokokchung Town. Shri. Nungsang Aier learnt the sport during his days in Delhi and introduced the sport to the students. The school is also the first in teaching music as a subject since 2007.

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