A Haven For Hope

    A Haven For Hope

    Model Higher Secondary School (MHSS) stands as one of the oldest schools in town, almost as a landmark. Over the years it has gone through varied changes much like the town itself. Like the changing seasons, the school has also gone through its fair share of phases, each of them brings in it's set of challenges.

    The type of challenges that is brought in through this current phase is one of blessing and a bane at the same time. The challenge lies in many aspects but one that is the most distinct is the reality of the students and the homes they come from. In every society, there is a bled on stable homes and those that are not. In the fate of things, MHSS stands as a kind of heaven that gives hopes to those that do not have the most stable of households or the best set of skills as students. In the midst of all these issues, these students choose to be at this school and the institution proves to be one of that cares for these students in all aspects and not just educationally.

    In reality, due to their own share of setbacks and lack of motivation, the students do not perform well in the activities whether it is academic or extra-curricular. This issue is one that leaves a great task for the teachers who constantly push to motivate the students, working through what challenges they have and finding out ways in which they can cope and grow in the environment of the institution. I believe that it is always not successful and more often that not it can prove to be discouraging. But yet, another day is seen as another opportunity to work with the students and to push towards growth.

    Being in this profession and in this institution for as long as I have been perceived are many. But of all the phases so far, the one we currently have is the one that shows what it truly means to educate a child.

    Yes, academic excellence is a goal we all look forward to, but this is not the only thing that we should look at as an achievement.

    We change the perception of what it means to achieve a goal, when we begin to understand that achievement lies in daily struggles as well. Sometimes a goal is won when that one student finally decides to polish their shoes and wear the uniform in the designated way as they should after many days and long lectures on the part of the teachers. Some days it lies in the fact that a student grows a glimpse of understanding after weeks of teaching and other days it simply lies in the fact that as a teacher, you are not discouraged to mould a child in the right path after the failures you have faced.

    Victory in grand ways are not often and sometimes they prove to be elusive. But seeing the achievements in the little things can count for something and that has been the focus for those of us who choose to come everyday to this institution we call Model Higher Secondary School.


    Toshimenla, Asst. Teacher, Model Higher Secondary School

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