In Retrospect

    In Retrospect

    As one grows older, the tendency to look back grows stronger. As I take a stroll down the memory lane, I vividly remember my days at Model Hr. Sec. School. My tenure started in 1991 and ended in 1994 when I left the school. This brief four-year-long period was an eventful one.

    One thing that struck me immediately on joining the school was the quality and discipline of the students. I got to teach some very bright boys and girls there. Some names that stand out are Bendangtula, Madhabi, Akumyala, Moanaro, Dinala, Imtimenba, Mayangchaba, Nungsangtemjen and Nochet. Generally speaking, I found the students respectful and obedient. One strange practice that puzzled me during my initial days at MHSS was that the teachers who were taking the last period would suspend their classes after ten or fifteen minutes and would go home. I would be the only one left with my class in the entire school. I would sense the restlessness of my students but I stubbornly refused to toe the line. This practice, however, did not last very long. 

    One thing that struck me immediately on joining the school was the quality and discipline of the students.

    I shared a very cordial relationship with my colleagues. The faculty was like a well-knit family. There was a great deal of camaraderie and bonhomie among the staff. I particularly remember the Annual Sports Week and the exam days. Those days were filled with fun and joy. Everyday, some lady teachers would take turns to cook the meals for the entire staff and lunch was the time when we would unwind and indulge in some friendly banter. Once we went to Longkum on a picnic and I still have font memories of that fabulous experience. I deeply cherish my association with Mr. Deepu Bhattacharya popularly known as Sir. Bhatta. He was an outstanding teacher and a trailblazer in many respects. Sir Bendangmayang was another colleague whom I respected deeply for his humility and willingness to shoulder any responsibility. Sir Pradeep had a great sense of humour and would leave us in splits by cracking jokes. Miss. Sashimenla was a comely maiden who exuded feminine grace. Sadly, some of the colleagues I worked with at MHSS are no more.

    During early and mid-nineties, MHSS was a flourishing institution and fared well in academics as well as co-curricular activities. Besides doing well in HSLC exams, the students made their mark in other fields, be it sports, drama, science seminars or essay-writing competitions. I remember one Sentinaro from Class VIII who had bagged the first prize in science seminar at the district level and went on to secure the third spot at the state level competition in Kohima. In short, MHSS was a force to reckon with in those days.

    Golden Jubilee is indeed a momentous and historic occasion for any institution. The very fact that MHSS has achieved this milestone is ample proof of its vibrant existence. It has catered to the needs of thousands of students and shaped their destinies over the years. I extend heartiest greetings and warm wishes to the management, well-wishers, patrons, teachers and students as they celebrate this Golden Jubilee. May the school continue to scale new heights of excellence in the years to come.

    Ronojyoti Roy

    Sir. Ronojyoti Roy, Former Teacher, 1991-1994

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