A Reminiscence

    A Reminiscence

    It was on the 14th of November 2020, I got a call from an unknown number who happened to be my former student Mr. Akok Walling, asking me to write “A Reminiscence” to be published in the magazine which is being brought out in commemoration of Model Higher Secondary School, Mokokchung on its 50th Anniversary in December 2020.
    Having had the opportunity to serve in the then Model English School (MES) for two stints, first as A/T in 1970 and the second time I was compelled to join as Head Master on the fervent persuasion of the Board Chairman, Rev. Dr. Imchayanger and served from 1978 to 1981 leaving my other aspirations. But I had to finally leave the School in 1982 to serve as Senior Town Administrator in Nagaland Pulp and Paper Mill Co. Ltd at Tzudikong (Tuli).
    During this period, the MES rose to greater heights in terms of all-round meritorious achievements. To name some (i) Introduction of Cricket for the first time in Mokokchung in proper format waring while outfit which is a history to be reckoned with.

    1. Literature: To promote in the field of Literature, ‘The Darjeeling Alumni, Mokokchung, annually organized an Inter-School Literary Competition in Mokokchung for events like Singing, One Act Play, Mono Act, Elocution, Debate, Prepared Speech and Cultural Dance. The Competition was of high standard, yet the MES regularly appeared in most of the top winning lists and brought laurels to the school.
    2. Master on Duty (MOD): To encourage use of English within the school premises, by both Teachers and Students, the school introduced a system of assigning 2 or 3 Teachers secretly on rotation everyday, to observe and record the names of those persons who were found speaking any language other than English. The MOD diary is read out the next day during chapel hour and the defaulters were summoned to the Headmaster’s Office for authentication and suitably punished. The system not only helped in improving spoken English among the students but also controlled the noise in the school premises. The trouble taken by the teachers was worthwhile.
    3. MES on Stage in NPCC Ltd, Tzudikong: In 1982 while I was in NPPC Ltd, out of excitement I arranged a concert in Tzudikong to stage the Play for which Model English School had won the 1st position in the One Act Play Competition at Mokokchung. The audience in the concert were immensely encouraged by the performance of the English School Students.
    4. Drama on Gandhi: Model English School’s popularity in performing ART did not end at the students’ level. In 1980 when Mokokchung District Administration organized a grand concert to commemorate the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the Model English School was their only choice to stage a drama on Gandhi. We took the challenge and searched for a script on Gandhi as far as Kolkata but it was not found. Thus, we wrote our own script. For staging the drama we needed the background sound of a train station. In order to create this background we used a pressure cooker stream to create the hissing sound of a train and the cap of a pen to whistle. The tempo of the drama rose to such emotion that when the character (Gandhi) pronounced “Hai Ram”, the audience were in tears. Years later when Sir Richard Attenborough’s “Gandhi” was screened in India, my old MES colleague wrote to me saying “Attenborough’s Gandhi and your Gandhi’s opening scene is the same”. Doesn’t this imply that the MES undoubtedly had talented students and teachers!
    5. Special Number on Teachers’ Day: During my tenure, MES also had the rare honour to present a special number on the occasion of Teachers’ Day celebration organized by the District Administration.

    The school is now upgraded to Higher Secondary level and is making commendable progress and have journeyed on to attain a milestone “the 50th Anniversary”. The nomenclature Model English School has now changed to Model Higher Secondary School, however, I wonder if the logo that I’ve designed is still in use? Nevertheless, the memory of Model English School runs warmly in me. I take this proud opportunity to express my profound appreciation to all my faculty members for their passion and dedication working extra time after school and the enthusiastic students for making our journey a memorable one. I am also very contented to see many of my students contributing invaluable services to our society today. Some collection of photos may be seen to reminisce about.

    Wishing the Golden Jubilee Celebration a blessed one.

    Nungsang Aier

    Nungsang Aier, Former Headmaster, 1978-1981

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