History of the School

    History of the School

    "We the members of Mokokchung Town Revival Church, in order to make the children morally and spiritually equipped and to provide them an up-to-date standard secular education, do hereby ordain this constitution, this day, the first February Nineteen Hundred and Seventy One." (An excerpt from the Preamble to the school constitution)

    The Model Higher Secondary School is the second oldest school in Mokokchung Town. It began as a Kindergarden School in 1970. The School is owned by the NCRC Mokokchung Town and is managed by a board appointed by the Church.

    The vision of the school is to produce a class of educated young men and women, emphasizing on instilling in them Christ-like character. Keeping this vision in mind, the school endeavored to build lives which will reflect both culture and character and to inspire a spirit of service, which will honor God and benefit society. This vision finds expression in the famous words of John Phillips, "Goodness without knowledge is weak and feeble, yet knowledge without goodness is dangerous and that both united form the nobles character and lay the surest foundation of usefulness to mankind."

    As an independent body, the first task of the Managing Board was to recruit qualified teachers and non-teaching staff. To meet the requirements of teachers, an advertisement inviting Montessori trained and experienced teachers was placed in The Shillong Times. Consequently, in the year 1970, 5 qualified teachers were appointed. As the school was grounded in the faith that Christianity was the only way, the Church also appointed a qualified Bible teacher.

    Staff Position in 1970

    1. Shri. Aokumba, Headmaster
    2. Smti. Elizabeth Nungrum, Asst. Head Teacher
    3. Smti. Centenary Jamir
    4. Smti. Alemtola
    5. Smti. Armeleen Mary Lyngdoh
    6. Smti. Alvareen Khonglah

    Non-teaching Staff

    1. Shri. A. Timba, Accountant
    2. Shri. Tatongkaba, Chowkidar-cum-peon.

    In the year 1970, the school opened its doors to 160 students, enrolled in Class A to Class III. Through the years, as the educational environment of the school continued to evolve, it acquired four upgradations, viz. upgradation to class VI in 1972, upgradation to Class VIII in 1982, upgradation to Class IX and X in 1986 and finally upgradation to Class XI and XII in 2003. Subject to the upgradations the School changed its name from Kindergarden school to Model English School to Model Hign School and is now know as Model Higher Secondary School since 2003.

    The plan of the school also focussed on the health and physical development of the children, with special emphasis on developing refined manners and productive use of leisure time. Hence, the students were encouraged to take part in activities such as music, performing arts and sports and have won many accolades for the school.

    Since its establishment, the School has braved through various seasons. Even so, the School's vision still stands true, making every effort to guide students in the selection and preparation of Life's great calling.

    First Managing Board

    Mr. C. Rongsen Jamir
    Mr. C. Rongsen JamirChairman
    Late. Mr. L.T. Aier
    Late. Mr. L.T. AierSecretary
    Late. Rev. Dr. Chuba Ao
    Late. Rev. Dr. Chuba AoMember
    Late. Mr. Longrimetong
    Late. Mr. LongrimetongMember
    Late. Mr. Sakumongba
    Late. Mr. SakumongbaMember
    Mr. I. Chuba
    Mr. I. ChubaMember

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